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The expected usable life of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is many years, often more than a decade. Generators typically will last 20 – 30 years provided they have been regularly maintained. We know you need to be certain that your power protection systems remain reliable throughout there life. After all these system are essential to your business continuity. As years go by, the attached loads will vary.

A UPS for example, relies on various technologies from detailed electronics through to the simple fan. All of these require maintenance to ensure your UPS continues to supply the uninterrupted power you need. Batteries, capacitors and fans will need changing. Software upgrades can be installed. Some software updates are essential to ensure the most reliable solution for the life of the product.

Our service and maintenance products offer complete choice pre and post sales service support which alongside standard warranties will ensure total protection for critical equipment. Value Power Systems provide the highest level of backup and support through a comprehensive range of solutions. Choose from a range of standard plans covering preventive maintenance through to 24hrs, 365 days a year, guaranteed response contracts.

With engineers based all over the country the response time to failures can be guaranteed as low as 4 clock hours. Nationwide service and support is provided through our National Control Centre which uses one of the latest software-based management systems. All service calls are closely tracked and monitored from start to finish, so we always know exactly the status of any enquiry. The centre is manned by specialist staff and in many cases, can diagnose and solve a customer's queries over the phone.

Preventative maintenance visits can be scheduled either within or outside normal working hours, providing you with maximum flexibility to allow works to be carried out with the minimum amount of disruption and down-time to your business. Value Power Systems provide systems that can be automatically monitored every hour of the day.